I have always been interested in animals. When I was growing up I had a lot of animals around me like cats, rabbits, sheeps and also a Cavalier dog who actually lived to be 15 years old. (with a clear heart at the age of 9 years)
Moreover, I had horses for 12 years. It was a pure pleasure to train them, take them to shows and see them being rewarded. That make my life and effort meainingful.

Some years ago, I had a happy reunion with a horse that is of our own breeding Sellavie sired by Amiral 764 Labrador 588
I hope you will enjoy your time on my website.

Kind regards, Anneli








When I wanted to buy a dog on my own , there was no other option than a Cavalier
Having one I quickly came to conclusion that one was not enough.

My dogs live in the house as family members, they never spend time in a cage only in the car and on the shows.
For me it`s very important that the dogs have active and meaningful  life. Im out walking with them at least one hour per day and train them individually once a week. In the summer time they enjoy swimming in the lake on their own as well as together with me.  Sometimes I also join various dog courses.

I work mostly at home, how ever when I go to work to Oslo I take them with me so that they can socialize with other dogs, and feel what life in a big city is like, for exemple we take bus or tram rides.

I am very intrested in breeding, pedigrees, genetics etc therefore whenever there is a chance to participate in a course wich can help me gain more information about those topics I always jump at the opportunity.

I have participated in NKK breeding course (I highly recommend it) and I have been to Swedish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeding course. Moreover, I have taken part in Kynologi course, handler course, behaviour course and many other useful meetings.  I am also a member of the Norwegian and Swedish Kennelclub.

My affix  Zammizack was accepted in January 2011 and my dream is to breed beautiful, strong and healthy in both body and mind Cavaliers with widely known temperament.